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Pops Flower Pot

Plant some pops in a flowerpot that you personalize for the party. It’s easy to create both these flower pops and the fun flower pot.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Prepare small cake balls and insert sticks following recipe. Chill. Dip in melted light cocoa candy. Let set.

Step 2

Prepare buttercream icing and tint Lemon Yellow with a small amount of Golden Yellow, reserve some white. Using tip 11, pipe yellow icing petals and white icing dot centers on pops; pat down with finger dipped in cornstarch.

Step 3

Decorate Flower Pot using your favorite accents, stickers and paper.

Step 4

Cut leaf shapes out of construction paper, cut holes in ends. Thread wire through holes and twist leaves onto stick. Insert flower pops in flower pot.