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Pop Goes The Birthday Cake



Step 1

Using royal icing, make 36 roses with tips 10 and 103. Make 36 sweet peas with tip 103.

Step 2

For cookie box and plaques: Tint half of cookie dough with pink and half with lemon yellow. Cut out box pattern in pink dough and crinkles shapes in yellow dough. Bake and cool. Attach all sides of box with royal icing and decorate with tip 16 stars.

Step 3

Ice both 2-layer cakes smooth with buttercream. Using cake dividing set, dot mark 12" cake into 10ths. Connect marks with tip 3 triple drop strings, leaving front side open.

Step 4

At bottom border, add tip 16 shells, then tip 125 ruffle topped with tip 16 rosettes and tip 3 multicolored dots. Pipe tip 124 ruffle top border, trimmed with tip 16 shells.

Step 5

Cut pillars to 5" length and position into 12" cake. Using cake dividing set, dot mark 8" cake into 8ths, leaving front side open. Repeat steps as for 12" cake.

Step 6

For crinkle cookie plaques, use royal or buttercream with tip 3 to outline and decorate with dots, name, age, etc. Attach with icing to cookie box, 8" and 12" cake.

Step 7

For clown, brush stripe bag with yellow, pink and green. On top of box, pipe body and arms with tip 4B, hands with tip 5. Add tip 101 ruffle above hands in pink. Top with clown head.

Step 8

Arrange flowers on tops of both cakes. Add tip 352 leaves. To serve, position 8" cake on top of pillars and place cookie box directly on 8" cake.