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Poised in Pearls Cake

This cake design is stunning in its simplicity. Pretty fondant pearls are enhanced with Pearl Dust. Fresh flowers add a hint of color.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Two days in advance: Make pearls. Roll 117 fondant balls, 1/2 in. diameter. Let dry overnight. Using needle and dental floss, string together 6 strands using 12, 18, 19 (make 2 strands), 22 and 27 balls. Tie knots to join ends of each strand; trim off excess thread. Mix Pearl Dust with a small amount of vanilla; paint on pearls. Let dry overnight on waxed paper-covered board.

Step 2

Prepare 2-layer cakes for Stacked Construction. Prepare cakes for rolled fondant; cover cakes and smooth with Fondant Smoother. Position cakes on stand. Attach pearls to cakes with melted candy as follows: 12 and 18 pearl strand at base of 10 in. cake, 22 and one 19 pearl strand on top of 10 in. cake, 27 and 2nd 19 pearl strand on top of 6 in. cake; let set.

Step 3

At reception: Insert flower spikes with fresh flowers.