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Pinstriped Panache Cake

This towering beauty makes an unexpected splash. Roll fondant into logs similar in diameter to a pencil. Set the stripes to shimmering with White Cake Sparkles before attaching to cakes.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Ice 2-layer cake tops smooth, lightly ice sides. Prepare for Globe Pillar Set construction.

Step 2

Reserve 24 oz. white fondant. Tint remaining fondant: 24 oz. ivory, using a small amount of brown icing color; 1 oz. dark green using icing color.

Step 3

For light green, combine 9 oz. white with a 1 in. diameter ball of dark green.

Step 4

For medium green, combine 6 oz. white with remaining dark green fondant. Add a small amount of royal blue icing color to light and medium green.

Step 5

For dark violet, combine 4 oz. white with 2 1/2 oz. violet from Multi Pack. For medium violet, combine 9 oz. white with 1 oz. violet.

Step 6

For light violet, combine 10 oz. white fondant and a 1 in. ball of violet fondant. Cover fondant with plastic wrap and place a damp towel over wrap to prevent drying.

Step 7

Roll fondant into logs approximately pencil-diameter in various colors to cover cake sides.

Step 8

Trim logs to approximately 4 1/4 in. long, just slightly longer than height of cakes (measure cake before cutting to be certain).

Step 9

Brush logs with water and sprinkle with Cake Sparkles. Position logs side-by-side on cake sides, alternating colors, securing with buttercream icing, if necessary.

Step 10

Trim top edges even with cake tops.

Step 11

At reception: Assemble cakes. Position cake bow. Always place a separator plate, or cake board cut to fit, on the cake where you position any figurine or ornament.

This protects both the cake and your keepsake. For extra stability, secure your figurine to the plate with double-stick craft tape.