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Pick of the Harvest Pumpkin Patch Cakes

Such a glorious autumn scene! The tableau was created using our Dimensions Large Pumpkin Pan and our Multi-Cavity Mini Pumpkins Pan. Life-like tendrils are made with fondant strips.


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Step 1

One day in advance, make leaves. Tint 16 oz. of fondant a medium shade of moss green and knead in 1 teaspoon of Gum-Tex. Roll out to 1/8 in. thick. Using cutters from set, cut four medium and two large maple leaves. Place leaves on thin shaping foam. Make veins on leaves with small veining tool from set. Place on cornstarch-dusted wave formers to dry.

Step 2

One day in advance, make tendrils. Roll green fondant into 20 logs, 1/16 in. dia. and 3 to 5 in. long. Wrap logs around skewers; some tightly and some loosely. Let set for 5 minutes. Carefully slide tendrils off skewers and let dry on a cornstarch-dusted board. Reserve remaining fondant.

Step 3

Bake and cool cakes according to package directions. Place on foil-covered circles cut to sizes of cakes with scissors. Prepare buttercream icing. Ice cakes with a thin layer of buttercream; prepare for fondant covering.

Step 4

Tint 28 oz. of fondant orange. Roll 1/16 in. thick and use to cover cakes. Use large veining tool from set to imprint the indents in cakes.

Step 5

Add highlights to indents on pumpkins using brush and red/orange Color Dust.

Step 6

Use reserved green fondant to form various shaped stems by hand. Pinch with fingers to form four or five ridges in stems. Attach stems to pumpkins with fondant adhesive. Trim as needed.

Step 7

Add highlights to vein imprints ridges on stems and leaves using brush and lime green/spruce green Color Dust.

Step 8

Position and attach leaves and tendrils to pumpkins with fondant adhesive. Support leaves with small amount of green fondant in back. Place on cake base.