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Petal Perk-Ups Mini Cakes

Cultivate good cheer with happy-faced blossoms cut from a Jelly Roll Pan cake. Use a Pink Icing Writer to highlight petal shapes and a Black FoodWriter™ Bold Tip Edible Color Marker to create the smiling countenance.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

From 1 in. high cake, cut cakes using flower cutter.

Step 2

For each cake, tint a 4 in. ball of fondant lemon yellow and a 1 in. ball dark lemon yellow.

Step 3

Prepare cakes and cover with lemon yellow fondant. Draw petals and dots with pink Icing Writer™.

Step 4

Roll out dark yellow fondant and cut flower center using medium Round Cut-Out™; attach to flower with damp brush.

Step 5

Roll tiny balls of white fondant for eyes; flatten and attach with damp brush.

Step 6

Draw pupils and mouth with black FoodWriter™.