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Personal Posies Cake

Statuesque treats stand ready to please! Build the confections from candy-covered cake squares, Candy Melts® fence posts and candy blooms formed in our Dancing Daisy Lollipop Mold.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

In advance: Make candy flowers and fence posts. Tint portions of melted candy yellow, pink and orange using candy colors.

Step 2

Mold flower lollipops using painting method; refrigerate until firm. Wrap sticks with florist tape, leaving 2 in. unwrapped at bottom for inserting in cake.

Step 3

Cover fence post pattern with waxed paper; using melted white candy in cut parchment bag, outline and pipe in 12 fence posts for each cake.

Step 4

Make extras to allow for breakage; refrigerate until firm.

Step 5

Cut 1-layer square cake into 2 in. squares (8 in. cake makes about 16 treats). Tint portion of melted candy green with a little yellow.

Step 6

Cover cakes with melted candy; refrigerate until firm and repeat with a second coat. (One pk. of Candy Melts will cover 4-5 mini cakes.)

Step 7

Attach fence posts to cake with dots of melted candy. Slice spearmint leaf in half, cut a slit in bottom edge and fit over flower stick, pinch leaf to secure. Insert flower in cake.