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Perfect Landing Cake

“Lots a Luck” is a great cake to commemorate a graduation, new job, retirement or travel plans. For smaller gatherings, let the plane land on a covered cake board; for larger parties, increase the size of your sheet cake base.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Cut 3 1/2 in. circle for propeller from black posterboard; cut 2 in. semi-circle windshield from silver posterboard. Using royal icing, pipe tip 4 circular motion lines on propeller; gently bend windshield. Set aside.

Step 2

Ice 1-layer sheet cake smooth. Cut 5 hidden pillars to 3 in. long and insert into sheet cake to support plane.

Step 3

Trim bottom end of cross cake to a point to resemble plane's tail and cut hole for seat area. Place plane cake on board cut 1 in. larger than cake.

Step 4

Ice sides of wings smooth in blue. Position cake on pillars. Insert lollipop sticks into both sides of tail, leaving about 2 in. extending; attach cookies, cut in half, to lollipop sticks with icing, attach center cookie half to cake with icing.

Step 5

Trace plane details with toothpick, then outlline with tip 4. Cover seat area with tip 4 zigzags; position groomsman. Pipe tip 3 uniform, goggles and helmet on groomsman.

Step 6

Cover plane with tip 17 stars. Attach propeller with icing and insert windshield. Print tip 3 message.

Step 7

Pipe tip 21 zigzag puff clouds around plane and for top and bottom border of sheet cake.

(Note: Combine Lemon Yellow and Golden Yellow to achieve airplane shade.)