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Pegasus Party Cake

Promote flights of fancy with a color-bright confection. Add fondant wings to a candy plaque formed in a Rocking Horse Pan and turn a Half Round Pan cake into a rainbow with piped-icing stripes and pretty fondant flowers.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy



Cake serves 55.


Pegasus Party Cake - Wings

Techniques Used


Step 1

In advance: Make candy plaque and decorate with royal icing. Also: Add 1 teaspoon Gum-Tex to 12 oz. white fondant. Make fondant flowers and leaves. And: Make fondant wings. Roll out 1/8 in. thick. Using patterns, cut out wings; let dry on cornstarch-dusted surface. Press Cake Sparkles through tea strainer for finer texture. Use Piping Gel and tip 3 to outline wings and feather details. Immediately sprinkle on Cake Sparkles. Let dry.

Step 2

Bake and cool 1-layer cake (trim to 2 in. high). Position on wrapped board 1 in. larger than cake on all sides. Ice cake smooth. Use toothpicks to mark rainbow stripes 1/2 in. wide. Cover with tip 16 stars. Pipe tip 12 ball clouds around cake sides. Attach flowers and leaves with icing. Cut dowel rods 1 in. higher than cake. Insert into cake where candy plaque will rest above cake surface. Using melted candy, attach candy plaque to dowel rods; attach wings to back, then front of plaque. Pipe tip 3 name.

*Combine Violet with Rose for lighter violet shown.