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Pearlized Posies Cookies

Use the Dimensions Giant Cupcake Pan to mold a candy Easter Basket of epic proportions! Fill it with cookie egg lollipops for a special springtime treat that is perfect used as a centerpiece.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

In advance: Make cookies. Prepare and roll out dough. Use largest oval Cut-Out to cut 8-10 egg cookies. Use pattern to cut handle. Bake cookies; recheck handle cookie against pattern; trim if necessary. Cool cookies.

Step 2

Make candy shell basket. Melt 2 1/2 packages candy; pour 1 1/2 cups into bottom half of cupcake pan. Tilt pan and use pastry brush to brush candy up onto sides of pan. Refrigerate until firm. Repeat with additional melted candy until you have built up a shell 3/16 in. thick. Refrigerate until firm; unmold.

Step 3

Make candies for handle. Using truffle mold, fill cavities 1/3 full to make 12 candies. Refrigerate until firm; unmold.

Step 4

Make leaves. Tint portion of melted white candy green; brush onto backs of lemon leaves. Make 15-20 leaves. Let dry in large flower formers.

Step 5

To finish handle, brush back of cookie with melted candy; let set. Turn over onto cooling grid. Cover with melted candy in disposable decorating bag; tap grid gently to settle candy. Move to waxed paper-covered board to set completely. Attach truffle candies with melted candy; let set. Tint portions of melted white candy pink, yellow, violet and blue using candy colors.

Step 6

Cover egg cookies with melted candy; let set. Using melted candy in cut bag, pipe white dots; let set. Use melted candy to attach lollipop sticks to backs of eggs; let set. Wrap entire craft circle with foil; position circle inside basket. Attach handle on basket edge with melted candy. Insert eggs, trimming sticks if needed to vary heights. Peel lemon leaves off candy; attach around basket with melted candy. Use dry brush to brush Pearl Dust over all.

*Brand confectionery coating.