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Paw Print Cake

No one will ever fill your baking footsteps after you serve this dimensional creation. Use piped chocolate icing to deliciously define toes and footpads on a white-iced Paw Print Pan cake. Delicious and delightful!


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

We suggest that you make all icings at one time while cake cools. Refrigerate icing in covered containers until ready to use. Bring to room temperature for decorating.

Make 2 cups buttercream icing
• Thin 1/2 cup with 1 1/2 teaspoons light corn syrup

Make 1 cup chocolate buttercream icing

Step 2

Trace pan shape on cake board. Cut board and wrap with Fanci-Foil Wrap. Position cake on board.

Step 3

Ice cake sides and background areas smooth with thinned white icing.

Step 4

Use tip 21 and chocolate icing to pipe stars around edges of each toe and footpad. Cover toes and footpad completely with tip 21 stars.

Step 5

Use tip 18 and white icing to pipe shell bottom border.