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Party Whole Hog! Cake

Your party will be anything but “boaring” when you serve up this pink piglet. Add Hidden Pillar legs to a Sports Ball Pan cake to create the porcine shape.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

In advance: Prepare board with legs.

Step 2

Also: Make party hat: tint 3 oz. fondant violet, 2 oz. yellow. Roll out 1/8 in. thick. Cut 1 in. off bottom of sugar cone; lightly brush with piping gel. Wrap fondant around cone; trim to fit and smooth seam with hand. Use Thinned Fondant Adhesive to attach Jumbo Confetti. For fringed brim, cut 1 in. wide strips. Use scissors to cut 1/8 in. wide slits, 3/4 in. deep. Cut strips into 2 1/2 in. lengths. Roll into tufts and fluff ends with fingers. Brush with a damp brush and attach around bottom for brim. For pompom, cut a 3/4 in. wide strip, 1 1/2 in. long. Use scissors to cut 1/8 in. wide slits, 1/2 in. deep. Roll into tuft and fluff ends. Brush with a damp brush and attach to tip. Let dry on waxed paper-covered board.

Step 3

And: Make curlique tail and 2 ears. Tint 2 oz. fondant pink. Roll out 1/8 in. thick. For tail, cut a 1/4 x 6 in. strip. Loosely wrap around wooden dowel rod. Let stand 5-10 minutes then slide off rod. Let dry on cornstarch-dusted board. Use pattern to cut 2 ears; curve slightly and let dry. Attach tail to a 4 in. Lollipop Stick using Thinned Fondant Adhesive. Let dry.

Step 4

Bake and cool cake using firm-textured batter such as pound cake. Attach halves with icing. Position on prepared board. Cover body with tip 16 stars. Attach ears to cake with icing. For nose, cut 1/3 off bottom of marshmallow; attach top to cake with icing. Cover nose and outer edges and back of ears with tip 16 stars. Tint small amount of fondant brown; roll into 2 balls, 1/2 in. diameter. Flatten and attach for eyes. Insert tail; position hat. Sprinkle serving platter with green tinted coconut. Add confetti from Flowerful Medley assortment.

*Combine Violet with Rose for violet shade shown.