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Outstanding Octopus Cupcakes

Your young decorators will welcome these cupcakes with open arms! They’re so easy—use violet fondant from the Wilton Kids Create-N-Color Kit™ to shape the arms and head, then add Candy Eyeballs for that adorable aquatic face.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Bake and cool cupcakes in robot baking cups from Mega Cupcake Tote. Squeeze out white tube icing and tint blue. Using spatula, ice cupcakes smooth.

Step 2

Roll eight logs, 1 1/2 in. long, using purple fondant from kit. Curl in ends slightly. Position on top of cupcake for tentacles.

Step 3

Roll a 1 1/4 in. diameter ball of purple fondant. Position on top of cupcake for head.

Step 4

Attach candy eyeballs to head with icing. Draw a line for mouth with black edible color marker from kit.