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Out Pops A Chick! Cookie Pop

Lots of holiday action happening here. A baby chick cookie is hatching from an egg cookie. Decorated with royal icing and assembled with cookie treat stick attached. A great treat for all the little ones on Easter.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Prepare cookie dough. Tint a portion of dough yellow. Roll out yellow and plain dough; cut plain round cookie using circle cutter from set and yellow chick using chick cutter.

Step 2

With knife, cut a zigzag at center of round cookie for broken eggshell look; separate halves of cookie. Bake and cool all cookies.

Step 3

Thin royal icing with 1/2 teaspoon water at a time, until reaching pouring consistency. Place egg halves on cooling grid over cookie sheet.

Step 4

Cover cookies with thinned icing; let set. Using full-strength royal icing, pipe in tip 2 beak; add tip 2 dot eye.

Step 5

Attach sticks to backs of chicks with melted candy; let set. Attach egg half to chick with melted candy; let set.