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Our Hearts Belong to Mom Cake


Step 1

Cut out and bake the following cookies: one gingerbread boy; fifteen 1 1/4 in. hearts (smallest size); seven 2 in. hearts (2nd smallest size); one 2 3/4 in. heart (largest size). Let cool. Place cookies on cooling grid positioned over cookie sheet; cover with thinned Color Flow icing . Let dry overnight. Use full-strength Color Flow icing to attach lollipop sticks to one 2 3/4 in. heart, three 1 1/4 in. hearts, three 2 in. hearts.

Step 2

To decorate mom cookie: Outline clothes, badge and shoes with tip 2 and full-strength Color Flow; fill in with thinned color flow icing. Pipe tip 2 hair and facial features; let dry overnight. Use full-strength Color Flow and tip 2 to pipe points and ribbon on badge; use tip 1 to print message.

Step 3

Spatula ice cake with Whipped Icing. Using Whipped Icing and Flower Nail, pipe 24 tip 104 roses with tip 12 bases; position on bottom border of cake and add tip 352 leaves. Cover craft block with foil and insert cookies at various heights. Position cookie arrangement in center of cake. Add ribbon curls at base of cookies. Randomly position remaining cookies on cake sides.