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Ornament Tree Crispy Rice Cereal Treat

Cereal Treats have never looked merrier! The Ornament Tree Crispy Rice Cereal Treat Features this kids' favorite shaped into balls and dressed up with colorful mini chocolates and a marshmallow and licorice hanger.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Make 23 crisped rice cereal treat balls (2 in. diameter). Let set.

Step 2

To make ornament holder, cut large marshmallow in half horizontally and insert 1 1/2 in. piece of licorice for loop; set aside.

Step 3

Divide treat into 6ths and pipe tip 6 zigzag lines at division points; immediately position mini chocolate coated candies.

Step 4

Place treat ball on flattened baking cup and attach top hanger with icing.