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One Chic Chick Mini Cakes


Step 1

In advance: Mold sunglasses in candy mold using Painting or Piping Method making frames, then filling in lenses. Chill until firm.

Step 2

Also: Prepare body. Bake and cool cake. Trim to 3/4 in. high. Cut circles using cutter. Cover with melted candy. Chill until firm.

Step 3

For wings, cut yellow spice drop in half lengthwise; cut 2 V-shaped slits in top.

Step 4

For hair, cut spice drop into 4ths. Using 1/4 piece, cut slits and separate tufts.

Step 5

For feet, cut orange spice drop lengthwise in half. Cut a 1/4 in. flat slice off each half and back (reserve curved pieces). Flatten slightly; cut slits for toes.

Step 6

Use reserved orange piece to shape beak; cut slit for opening.

Step 7

Roll all pieces in sugar to coat. Attach features and sunglasses using melted candy.