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Nosferatu Vampire Head Cake

It an incredibly haunting time of the year and there is no better way to celebrate it with none other than a vampire. This classic character has been around for decades bringing a world of darkness aura with him. At your party, it’s all in good fun.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

For ears, shape two pieces of fondant 4 in. high and 2 in. wide with a point at top; prop with cotton ball for shape and let dry overnight. When dry attach two 4” lollipop sticks to backside with fondant adhesive. Let dry.

Step 2

Bake and cool cake. For nose: roll 1 oz. of fondant into a oblong shape. Position over nose area and smooth building nose bridge and cut flat at nostrils. For mouth, Use tip 18 and black buttercream icing to fill in area (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Roll small pieces of white fondant to form fangs and position in mouth.

Step 3

To make eyeballs, roll two pieces of fondant about 1 1/4 in. in diameter. Attach a 3/4 in. circle of black fondant for center of eye with damp brush. Mix black and white fondant to create gray color for irises; attach with damp brush. Attach thin strips of white fondant to top and bottom of eyes to form eyelids and outline. Use tip 18 and white buttercream icing to cover cake with stars. Insert eyeballs and pipe stars around eyes. To make eyebrows, shape a piece of black fondant about 2 1/4 in. long and use scissors to cut slits to form "hairs"; attach with icing, pipe stars around them. Insert ears to side of head.

Step 4

Cover with tip 18 stars in buttercream.