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Nifty Fifty Cake

Take a walk on the wild side with this zebra-striped cake. Create the look with our zesty Zebra Sugar Sheets!, made even bolder with a spray of Blue Color Mist.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Bake and cool one-layer cake. Place on foil-wrapped cake board. Ice smooth with buttercream.

Step 2

Cut 10 long x 2 in. wide strips of waxed paper. Place the waxed paper strips along the outer edges of the cake. This will protect the cake sides while decorating.

Step 3

With the backing still on the Zebra Sugar Sheets!, spray the sheet with Blue Color Mist Food Color Spray. Let dry for at least 15 minutes. Using Rotary Cutter, cut two strips, 10 long x 2 in. wide, and two strips, 6 long x 2 in. wide. Remove backing and brush the back side (shiny side) of each strip with piping gel. Attach to top of cake.

Step 4

Carefully brush the black zebra stripe areas with piping gel. Immediately sprinkle with black sugar. Remove excess sugar with a clean brush. Remove waxed paper strips.

Step 5

Using Rotary Cutter, cut one 6 in. square from White Sugar Sheets! Attach square to the center of the cake with piping gel.

Step 6

Using “5” and “0” cutters from set and black FoodWriter, trace numbers on back side (shiny side) of Black Sugar Sheets! Cut out numbers with scissors. Brush the numbers with piping gel and sprinkle with black sugar. Let dry for at least 15 minutes. Attach numbers to white square using piping gel.

Step 7

Using Rotary Cutter, cut four strips, 10 long x 3/4 in. wide, from Black Sugar Sheets! Attach strips to bottom border of cake using piping gel.