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Name That Bloom! Cookies

Personalized cookies will be a hit when you Name That Bloom after each guest. Use them on the table as place cards, standing in a wrapped craft block as a centerpiece or wrapped individually as part of a birthday loot bag!

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Difficulty: Easy
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Step 1

Tint Roll-Out Cookie Dough rose and orange.

Step 2

Use cutter and directions from Flower Stencil-A-Cookie™ Set to cut cookies; use stencil to sprinkle design with Colored Sugar. Bake and cool.

Step 3

Cover 8 in. Cookie Treat Stick with green floral tape, leaving 2 in. uncovered at one end.

Step 4

Attach uncovered end to cookie with melted Candy Melts®.

Step 5

Trace largest Leaf Cut-Out™ on construction paper; cut leaves, punch a hole in leaf; thread with curling ribbon. Print name; tie tag on stick.