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Mrs. Claus Welcomes You Cake

Fondant can be shaped so easily- it's great for creating details like her puffed sleeves or scalloped apron. Try this design with your favorite pound cake or fruit cake recipe.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Style doll's hair into a bun; keep in place with florist wire. Overpipe hair with tip 1 strings. Pipe tip 1 eyebrows and lips.

Step 2

Divide fondant into 4 equal parts. Tint 3 parts red, leave 1 part white. Prepare cake for rolled fondant. Before covering cake, add more body to skirt by piping tip 12 "fold" lines in buttercream. Using 14 in. circle as a guide, cut skirt from red fondant. Cut slit from side to center point. Carefully cover cake, cut away excess and smooth. Add doll pick. Cut bodice pattern from fondant and position on front and back of doll. Carefully smooth and attach with brush dipped in water.

Step 3

To cover sleeves, add arm portion first, followed by sleeve puffs. Cut apron using pattern and 1/2 inch wide dress hem, using Decorating Triangle as pattern. Cut waistband, collar and cuffs. Attach with brush and water. (Work one piece at a time so fondant won't dry out.)

Step 4

Using buttercream icing: Decorate apron with tip 1 wavy lines. Add tip 1 dots. Edge dress and apron hem with tip 1 zigzag and beads. Add tip 349 leaves with tip 2 dots on dress and in hair.

Step 5

Cut Cookie Tray Pattern from cardboard. Cover with foil. Tint remaining fondant yellow. Using tip 12 to cut out fondant "cookies". Flatten slightly with finger dipped in cornstarch. Print tip 1s message and dots. Twist white and red fondant to form candy canes. Pipe tip 1 zigzag border on tray. Pipe tip 349 leaves and tip 2 dots in corners; add cookies. Position tray in hands. If desired, press small amount of thinned down fondant in hands to secure tray. Add glasses.