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Mousse Royale

Summer berries and sponge-cake stripes give this Springform Pan cheesecake a sophisticated silhouette. Use a Dessert Decorator Pro to apply Vanilla Whipped Icing Mix rosettes to the top of the cake.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Bake a thin sponge cake by filling jelly roll pan with 3/4 of recipe batter. Remove from pan and cool flat. When completely cooled, cut cake lengthwise into three strips, each 3 in. wide. Spread preserves on one strip, top with second strip and spread preserves on top. Position last strip on top; wrap cake in plastic wrap and place baking sheet on top to hold. Freeze to set.

Step 2

Prepare mousse recipe in springform; refrigerate until set. Unmold mousse and place on serving plate. Remove sponge cake from freezer and cut into 24 slices measuring 3 in. long x 1/4 in. wide. Divide mousse into 12ths; pipe tip 4 line of whipped icing at division points on top and sides and position cake pieces at markings. Trim to fit evenly with cake edges. Using Dessert Decorator Pro™ fitted with tip 21 and whipped icing, pipe rosettes at top center point of mousse. Mound fresh raspberries and mint on cake top and position around bottom border.