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Monkey Mania Cupcakes

Your kids will go absolutely ape for these cute cupcakes! Using Wilton KidsTM Create-N-Color Fondant Treat KitTM and Stretchy CuttersTM, you’ll have plenty of time to monkey around together.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Bake and cool cupcakes in the sweet dots baking cups from the cupcake tote. Ice cupcakes smooth with orange tube icing from icing kit.

Step 2

Roll out orange fondant from fondant kit to 1/8 in. thick. Cut a small circle cutter from cutters set. Cut circle in half to create two ears.

Step 3

Place ears into sides of cupcakes. Attach candy eyeballs.

Step 4

Form a small piece of fondant into a small oval for the muzzle. Using black edible marker from fondant kit, draw nose and mouth. Place on cupcake.