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Mom's Garden Gazebo Cake

Make her special day especially memorable! Serve a 2-layer Petal Pan cake decorated with royal icing blossoms and a flower-clad structure created from our Lattice Columns.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

In advance, use royal icing to make the following flowers: 70 tip 102 violet wild roses, 110 tip 101 blue apple blossoms; 145 tip 224 light rose drop flowers. Add tip 2 yellow dot centers to all flowers. Make extras to allow for breakage; let dry.

Step 2

Use green royal icing and tip 4 to make 76 calyxes on wires; make extras to allow for breakage and let dry. When completely dry, attach calyxes to 21 drop flowers, 30 violets and 25 apple blossoms. Use royal icing and tip 352 to pipe 30 leaves on wires; let dry. Wrap individual wires with floral tape. Arrange wired leaves and flowers into three bouquets:

Step 3

For the 5 in. lattice column, bouquet has 8 leaves, 8 violets, 7 apple blossoms and 5 drop flowers. For one 3 in. lattice column, bouquet has 10 leaves, 10 violets, 9 apple blossoms and 7 drop flowers.

Step 4

For other 3 in. lattice column, bouquet has 12 leaves, 12 violets, 9 apple blossoms, 9 drop flowers. Place two gathered tulle circles in each bouquet; wrap wires together with floral tape.

Step 5

Cut two dowel rods 5 in. long and one 7 in. long; insert bouquets into dowel rod and place dowel rod into lattice pillar.

Step 6

Stack two 11/2 in. layer cakes to form one 3 in. high cake; ice smooth in buttercream with spatula. Pipe tip 6 zigzag mound in buttercream at top edge of each petal division. Position a variety of flowers on mound; pipe tip 352 leaves.

Step 7

Add tip 2 dot garland below mounds. Pipe tip 70 shell- motion bottom border. Press dowel rods into cake to support pillars; position pillars on cake. Write tip 3 message.