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Merry Monkey Cake

He’s everybody’s favorite at circus or zoo. Now he’s a clever party cake.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Ice one-layer cake top beige. With toothpick trace Monkey Face Pattern on oval cake top. Cover outer portion of face and cake sides with tip 17 brown stars. Place flat portion of half egg mini cakes down and cover curved backs with tip 17 brown stars.

Step 2

Turn mini cakes flat-side-up, position next to face as ears. Ice flat side portion beige. With toothpick, trace Monkey Ears Pattern on mini cake tops. Cover inner ear outlines with tip 2 dark brown string, fill in with thinned dark brown icing. Cover outer part of ears with tip 17 stars.

Step 3

Add tip 7 light and dark brown eyes, tip 7 dark brown heart nose and string mouth to monkey. Figure pipe hat by piping 4 rows of tip 1A blue curved strings at top of head for hat base, brush smooth. Top with 3 more rose of tip 1A blue strings for hat crown. Brush smooth.