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Merry Marshmallow Santa Lollipop

Take your lollipop treats one step further by giving the Merry Marshmallow Santa Lollipop a full make over—add his body using marshmallows, melted Candy Melts and spice drops.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Using melted white, red and light cocoa candy and painting method from mold label, mold Santa candies without sticks (combine red with a little white candy to make skin tone for face). Refrigerate until firm and unmold.

Step 2

Using melted light cocoa candy in cut parchment bag, decorate dot eyes.

Step 3

Make Santa's body. Insert two lollipop sticks through a large marshmallow so that 1 1/2 in. extends at both top and bottom. Insert one stick through sides of marshmallow so that 3/4 in. extends on each side. Insert 1 1/2 mini marshmallows on side and bottom ends for arms and legs.

Step 4

Dip body into melted red candy; tap lightly to remove excess candy.

Step 5

Flatten and trim 2 green spice drops into mitten shapes with paring knife. Insert on ends of arms. Roll out black spice drop thin on waxed paper sprinkled with sugar. Cut a 1/4 in. wide strip for belt; attach to body with melted candy. Roll out yellow spice drop and cut a square buckle; cut a small black square for center and attach with melted candy.

Step 6

Decorate zigzag fur trim using melted white candy in cut parchment bag.

Step 7

Attach Santa candy to lollipop sticks with melted candy; let set.