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Merry Clown Go Round Cake


Step 1

Tint 2 packages fondant yellow. Tint 1/4 of third package red; reserve 1/4 white and tint remaining fondant in equal amounts of orange, green and blue.

Step 2

Roll-out and cut an 8 in. circle from white fondant. Use Cake Corer to cut hole in center for column. Using alphabet cutters, cut desired letters from red fondant. Also, roll 8 red log-shaped handles, 1 1/2 in. long, for clown-go-round. Roll-out other fondant colors and cut circles using tips 6B, 21 and center of letter "O" as cutters.

Step 3

Cut Clown-Go-Round from two 12 in. cake circles (reverse grain for added strength). Test to insure that Clown-Go-Round will turn freely on threads of column, trimming center hole if necessary. Cover with foil and position on column.

Step 4

Place column with Clown-Go-Round in styrofoam block for support. Figure pipe clown bodies with tip 6B and royal icing. Attach handles with royal icing. Add tip 21 arms and tip 9 hands on the handles. Let dry.

Step 5

Glue plate legs on plate. Core out center of 2-layer 12 in. cake; prepare cake for rolled fondant. Using decorator brush and a small amount of water, attach fondant pieces to cake. Pipe tip 9 bead bottom border. Place 8 in. circle of white fondant on cake top. Pipe tip 6 beads around outer edge of center fondant circle. Pipe tip 9 beads around center opening.

Step 6

Position Clown-Go-Round; secure with column bolt. Pipe tip 6B legs with royal icing and attach jelly bean feet. Make sure feet do not touch cake. Attach center gumball knob with royal icing.

Note: To achieve shade of red shown, mix Red-Red and Christmas Red in both fondant and royal icing.