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Meet Spike! Cake

This 3-D cake really makes an impression at parties. We started with Classic Wonder Mold and Mini Ball cakes and added a curved tail shaped from marshmallows. The edible spikes are piped ahead of time using melted candy.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

In advance, trace approximately 18 spike patterns on cake board, cover with waxed paper. Using melted candy in parchment bag cut to size of tip 3, outline and pipe in spikes. Refrigerate to set at least 10 minutes. Carefully peel off waxed paper and set aside.

Step 2

Bake 1 Wonder Mold cake for body and 2 Mini Ball cakes for head. Position body cake on foil-covered cake board. Pipe tip 1A pull-out legs.

Step 3

Attach large marshmallows for tail with icing, trimming with scissors as needed.

Step 4

Ice two mini ball halves together for head and attach with icing to cake. Pipe tip 6 ball eyes and tip 3 dot pupils, and nostrils.

Step 5

Outline and pipe in tip 3 mouth (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Cover dinosaur with tip 21 stars. Pipe tip 3 outline toenails.

Step 6

Insert candy spikes in cake. Sprinkle brown sugar or graham cracker crumbs around cake for sand.

Step 7

*Brand confectionery coating

(Note: Combine Leaf Green and Lemon Yellow for body color; use Kelly Green only for dark spots.)