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Malt Shoppe Memories Cake

Our fondant soda fountain really takes you back. It’s definitely a “conversation cake,” thanks to great details like the hand-cut tile floor, lollipop stick stools and cool ice cream treat candles.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

In advance: Prepare floor, countertop and seats. Tint 12 oz. fondant black, 6 oz. gray. To make floor, cut two cake boards to 18 1/2 x 9 1/2 in., tape together and wrap with foil.

Step 2

Roll out 12 oz. black and 12 oz. white fondant 1/8 in. thick and cut tiles using medium square Cut-Out. You will need approximately 30 black and 30 white tiles; cut 4 at a time and attach in alternating fashion to board which has been lightly brushed with Piping Gel.

Step 3

Make countertop. Cut a cake board to 17 x 5 1/2 in.; wrap with foil. Lightly brush board with Piping Gel and cover with white fondant. Roll out gray fondant and cut 3/4 in. wide strips; attach to each countertop edge with Piping Gel.

Step 4

To make seats: For posts, cut 4 lollipop sticks to 2 3/4 in. long, lightly brush with Piping Gel and cover with gray fondant. For base, cut gray fondant circle with large end of tip 1A . Make a hole in center of base with lollipop stick.

Step 5

For cushions, roll out gray fondant and Red-Red/Christmas Red combination fondant slightly less than 1/4 in. thick; cut circles with large end of tip 127D. Stack red circle on gray; shape the rounded top with fingertips. Make a hole in bottom center of seat with lollipop stick. Let all seat pieces dry. Attach seat pieces with gray fondant thinned with water to piping consistency.

Step 6

Ice 2-layer cake smooth; position on floor. Position countertop on cake top. Using Red-Red color, tint a small amount of fondant pink, roll out and cut napkins using medium square Cut-Out. Cut some squares in half for single-thick napkins and fold others in half for thicker napkins.

Step 7

For spoons, cut a 1 x 3/8 in. piece of gray fondant for handle; roll and flatten a small ball for spoon end; attach with piping gel.

Step 8

For extra sundaes, cut rounded end off spice drops, pipe tip 18 rosettes on wide end; position red jawbreakers for cherries. Cut out backdrop pattern and color areas with markers or colored pencils. Attach to cake board, cut to fit.

Step 9

Trace easel back pattern and cut from cake board. Attach with glue to backdrop. Position napkins, spoons, candles and additional sundaes. Position stools and backdrop.