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Making Hearts Flutter Cake

A cookie Love Bug has landed on a butterfly-shaped cake! Easy-to-do stars, dots and outlines make this a design even beginning decorators can handle.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

In advance: Make cookie body and hearts. Cut body using pattern and knife, cut one cookie each using 2nd and 3rd smallest heart cutters. Cut 2nd smallest heart in half to create feet. Bake and cool all cookies. Ice smooth and set aside.

Step 2

Ice smooth cake sides and top areas where hearts will appear. Imprint bottom corners of wings with smallest heart cutter.

Step 3

Imprint top corners with 4th smallest cutter then imprint 2nd smallest cutter inside. Outline wings with tip 5; fill in with tip 18 stars; randomly pipe tip 3 dots. Pipe tip 8 ball bottom border.

Step 4

Cover body cookie with tip 18 stars. Pipe in tip 3 mouth, dot cheeks and bead tongue; add tip 5 ball eyes with tip 3 dot pupils and string eyebrows. Position body on cake.

Step 5

For arms, insert 3 1?2 in. pieces of twist licorice in cake under cookie and bend to a slight curve (cut a slit if needed to curve). Position cookie heart under arms; add tip 3 dot hands, outline cuffs and tip 2 message.

Step 6

For legs, attach cookie feet to two full lengths of twist licorice with melted candy. Insert into cake under body.

Step 7

For antennae, insert 3?4 in. pieces of black shoestring licorice into jelly hearts and insert into head.

**Note: Combine Red-Red and Christmas Red for darkest red color shown.