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Make Three Wishes Cake

Everyone needs a fairy godmother! With a piped-icing ruffled dress and shimmering foil crown and wand, a Huggable Teddy Bear Pan stands ready to make a little girl’s wishes come true.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

In advance, use tip 224 and royal icing to make 35 drop flowers with tip 2 dot centers. Let dry.

Step 2

Trace and cut out crown and star patterns on thin cardboard. Glue silver foil on patterns. Cover wooden dowel rod with foil. Attach star to foil with tape.

Step 3

Ice paw areas smooth with spatula. Using tip 4, outline mouth and pipe-in eyes and nose (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Cover bear with tip 16 stars. Add tip 2 string eyelashes.

Step 4

Use tip 127D to pipe ruffles on skirt beginning from bottom and working up toward waist. Attach drop flowers to ruffles, dress, and crown with tip 2 dots of buttercream icing. Position crown and wand.