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Luminous Holiday Tree Cookie

Let’s call it cookie bling! Pearl Dust is brushed over the white icing and fondant trims of this cookie to add a hint of gold and lots of shine.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Step 2

Bake and cool cookies. Use tip 2 and full-strength green-tinted color flow icing to outline tree; let dry. When completely dry, thin down color flow icing according to package directions and fill entire tree with tip 2; let dry overnight.

Step 3

Use full-strength white color flow icing to pipe tip 2 zigzag garlands; let dry.

Step 4

Set aside 1 oz. of white fondant for pearl dots.

Step 5

Tint remaining fondant yellow, roll out 1/8 in. thick and use medium star cut out to cut one star. Let dry on cake board dusted with cornstarch. When completely dry, use tip 2 and full-strength color flow icing to pipe lines on star.

Step 6

To make pearl dots, roll white fondant 1/8 in. thick and use small opening end of tip 9 to cut 10 circles. Roll fondant into balls and let dry on cornstarch-dusted surface. When balls are completely dry, mix a small amount of clear vanilla extract in a cup with Gold Pearl Dust. Use fine artist's brush to paint garlands, balls and lines on star. Brush dry Gold Pearl Dust over entire star. Attach ball to trees and center of star with full-strength color flow.

*Combine Lemon Yellow and Golden Yellow for yellow shown.