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Lucky Birthday Wishes Cake


Step 1

Make 25 tip 225 and 10 tip 224 drop flowers with tip 3 centers. To make horn: On waxed paper, pipe 3 1/2 in. long, tip 10 royal icing rope (wide at bottom, narrowing at top). Let dry. Next day turn over and attach lollipop stick (3 in. extend from wide end) with icing and pipe other half of horn atop previous horn. Let completely dry.

Step 2

With knife, slice off ears and nose (the back of lamb cake will the front of unicorn). With tip 1A, build up side of face, snout and legs (on covered cake board), smooth and shape with fingertip dipped in cornstarch. Outline eye, snout, cheek and ear with tip 3 strings. Fill-in eye and ear with tip 3 thinned icing (smooth with dampened brush). Pipe tip 3 dot pupil and nostrils. Cover head, body, hooves and legs with tip 18 stars.

Step 3

Pipe tip 18 random swirl mane and tail (on cake board). Continue to pipe swirls until mane and tail are built up to resemble curly hair. Outline legs with tip 3 strings. Attach flowers to head, neck, leg and cake board with icing. Trim with tip 352 leaves. Push horn into head and secure with royal icing (around base area).