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Lover's Leap Cake

A romantic lake is the setting for this whimsical cake design. Water lilies, bluebells and lily pads can be made in advance with royal icing.


Difficulty: Medium



Step 1

In advance, use royal icing to make the following: 5 water lilies with tips 81 and 1; 5 lily pads with tip 104; 20 tip 35 drops flowers with tip 2 dot centers; 13 bluebells with tips 66 and 3 and 1-1/4 in. lily nail; 4 cattails on florist wires ranging from 7 to 9 in. long with tips 4, 8, 2. Let all dry. One bluebell will be attached to 9 in. florist wire, adding tip 4 sepals and calyx. Let dry on styrofoam.

Step 2

Torte and fill cake to make a 3-in. layer. Ice sides of cake smooth. Imprint Copper Heart Cookie Cutter in top center of cake. Ice remainder of top green. Fill in heart area with white icing, smooth and add blue piping gel "water". Divide cake into 10ths; pipe tip 18 zigzag garlands, 1-1/4 in. deep from the top edge of cake. Pipe tip 81 top and tip 18 bottom shell borders.

Step 3

Position drop flowers and bluebells; add tip 66 leaves to bluebells. Position cattails and wired bluebell in flower spikes and insert in cake. Pipe tip 13 pull-out grass and drop flowers on cake top. Position water lilies, lily pads and frog couple in water.