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Lovely Lineup Mini Cakes

Petits fours are dainty dessert cakes perfect for parties, showers and weddings. A simple fondant or candy decoration added to the top can be changed to match the holiday or special occasion.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

The shiny smooth finish of cakes iced with Ice-A-Cookie looks great matched up with satiny fondant hearts!

Step 2

Tint fondant rose, roll out and cut using the smallest cutter from our Nesting Heart Cutter Set; let dry.

Step 3

Cut cake circles from 1 in. high round cake, using a small round cutter from the 101 Cookie Cutter Set.

Step 4

Place cakes on a cooling grid over a cookie sheet and cover with heated white Ice-A-Cookie (see instructions on pouch); let dry.

Step 5

Add dots with pink Ice-A-Cookie. Pipe a tip 21 rosette in royal icing and position fondant heart.