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Lovely Lamb Cake

Cookie cart turns the familiar Lamb Cake into a holiday happening! Royal icing flowers and piped grass complete the scene that’s ready to take center stage at your family gathering.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Several days ahead, use royal icing and Flower Nail No. 7 to make daisies: 35 tip 103 in white with tip 3 yellow dot centers; 18 tip 124 with tip 4 yellow dot centers (6 each rose, violet and white). Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry.

Step 2

Several days ahead, make the wheelbarrow: Tint cookie dough brown with golden yellow added. Using patterns, cut 2 front/back panels, 2 side panels, 2 supports, and 2 handles. Score wood grain design into dough using end of spatula. Cut 2 wheels using circle cutter; cut 1/4 in. wide strips of dough and position on wheels for spokes and rims. Bake all and cool. Thin brown icing color with a small amount of vanilla extract and paint into wood grain designs. Let cookies dry at least 24 hours on a flat surface. Tint royal icing to match wheelbarrow color and assemble using tip 16: Attach wheels, supports and handles, let dry. Attach side panels to front and back panels. Let dry completely.

Step 3

Bake and cool lamb cake according to pan directions. Using buttercream, ice smooth 1 in. up from bottom of lamb, ears, eyes and nose. Outline mouth using tip 4. Cover top with tip 16 swirls. Pipe tip 12 mounds of icing around bottom border as a base for grass, extending out from body about 2-2 1/2 in. Cover mounds with tip 13 pull-out stars. Position wheelbarrow over lamb. Attach daisies on and around lamb, securing with dots of icing. Add tip 352 leaves.