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Lovelines Cake

Chocolate lattices add a pretty yet distinctive design to this cake design. Add truffles for a decidedly decadent treat.


Difficulty: Difficult


Step 1

In advance: Make truffles and candy heart topper. Mold 86 truffles, filling mold 3/8 in. deep with melted candy; refrigerate until firm, unmold. Make extras to allow for breakage. For heart, place copper cutter on waxed paper-covered board. Center the 3 1/8 in. diameter (3rd largest) plastic heart cutter inside. Fill area between cutters 1/8 in. deep with melted candy in cut parchment bag. Tap board to level; refrigerate until firm, unmold. Trim with sharp knife as needed. Attach 14 truffles to front with melted candy. For center lattice, trace 3 1/8 in. heart cutter on waxed paper; cut out heart slightly larger than cutter so that lattice will fit behind center heart opening without ends showing. Pipe lattice lines across waxed paper heart using melted candy in cut bag; let set at room temperature and carefully peel off paper. Attach behind center heart opening with melted candy. Attach heart topper to lollipop stick with melted candy; let set.

Step 2

Prepare double-thick cake boards cut to same size as cakes and wrap in foil. Ice smooth 2-layer cakes (bake two 1 1/2 in. layers to make each 3 in. high cake) in buttercream. Prepare cakes for push-in pillar construction.

Step 3

For lattice panels on cake sides, cut 12 waxed paper rectangles 4 in. high x width of each side of cake. On waxed paper-covered board, pipe lattice lines with melted candy in cut bag, extending slightly past ends of rectangles. Carefully lift corners of paper and position on clean waxed paper sheets; let set at room temperature and carefully peel off paper. Cut pillars to 5 in.; brush with melted candy and let set.

Step 4

At reception: Assemble cakes on plate. Attach lattice panels with a tip 5 line of buttercream across center of each cake side (panels will extend 1/2 in. above and below cake). Attach truffles across center of panels with buttercream.

*Note: Combine a little Brown and Red-Red for mocha used to ice cakes.