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Love Bug Candy Pops

It’s so easy to give your heart away this Valentine’s Day! Especially with these delicious candy pops.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Pour melted candy in heart treat pan; position treat stick and place in freezer until set.

Step 2

Carefully unmold candy pop. Use melted candy in cut parchment bag to pipe wing outlines; let set.

Step 3

Use royal icing and tip 12 to pipe ball body and head. Use tip 4 to pipe dot shoes, outline arms and dot hands. Pipe facial features and lettering with tip 3. For antennae, insert 2 in. lengths of uncooked spaghetti into bag filled with black icing and fitted with tip 4; as you squeeze bag, pull out spaghetti. Insert into head. Attach heart confetti to antennae with melted candy.