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Look Inside Cream Puffs

These revealing cream puffs are easy to make using the Dessert Decorator Pro. Look inside--the filling of the cream puffs tells everyone at the celebration if baby is a boy or girl!


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Prepare, bake and cool cream puffs following recipe directions.

Step 2

Prepare whipped icing mix following package directions. Divide icing and tint 1/3 either blue or pink.

Step 3

Fill cream puffs with white whipped icing using Dessert Decorator Pro and filler tip. Fill Dessert Decorator Pro with tinted blue or pink icing and squeeze a small amount of icing into each cream puff.

Step 4

Heat icing. Cover cream puffs with icing using a cut parchment bag.

Step 5

Add pastel hearts sprinkles to tops of cream puffs before icing sets.