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Lollipops and Ruffles Birthday Cake!

Lollipops and ruffles make any birthday celebration come to life! Towering 5 in. cake provides a beautiful decorating canvas to create Sugar Sheets! color shapes.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy



Cake serves 20

Techniques Used


Step 1

Bake and cool 2-layer cake. Trim each layer to 2 1/2 in. for a total 5 in. high cake.

Step 2

Lace cake on cake board covered with foil. Ice smooth with buttercream icing.

Step 3

Use Rotary Cutter to cut three strips, 3 in. long x 3/16 in. wide from Light Pink and Light Yellow Sugar Sheets! Use Rotary Cutter to cut three strips, 2 in. long x 3/16 in. wide from Light Blue and Light Green Sugar Sheets!

Step 4

Attach each one of the stripes, for lollipop sticks, to the cake with piping gel from cake bottom with a 2 in. space between. Attach in order: yellow, green, pink and blue. Use Sugar Sheets! Punch Base and Layered Circles Cutting Insert Set to cut three large circles of each color Sugar Sheets!

Step 5

Use FoodWriter to draw spirals on lollipop circles.

Step 6

Attach circles to lollipops sticks with brush and piping gel.

Step 7

Cut two strips, 6 in. long x 3/4 in. wide of each color.

Step 8

Cut eight strips, 6 in. long x 1/2 in. wide of White Sugar Sheets!

Step 9

Attach white strips on top of each color stripes with piping gel.

Step 10

Pleat each one of the two-color stripes and attach in alternating colors with brush and piping gel to bottom cake border.

Step 11

Remove alphabet letters and position on cake top.

Step 12

Randomly attach confetti sprinkles to cake sides with piping gel.