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Little Red Barn Cake

Old Mac Donald would be proud to be the owner of this Little Red Barn Cake. Use our Stand-Up House Pan to create the little red barn. The sheet cake barnyard is well-stocked with an assortment animals and the silo is stacked to the rooftop with cookies!


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Ice sheet cake smooth; sides and path brown, grass green. Pat sides and path with nuts. Cut and position dowel rods where barn and silo will go.

Step 2

With royal icing: Figure pipe animals. Cow-tips 2, 3, 4, 12, 81; pigs-tips 2, 8, 12; chickens-tips 2, 3, 6; chicks-tips 1, 2; mice-tips 1, 3, 101S; corn-tips 2, 349; sheep (lying down)- 2, 8, 14, 81.

Step 3

For standing lamb: Push pretzel legs into marshmallow. Add tip 12 head, tip 14 reverse shell wool, tip 81 ears, tip 2 dot eyes.

Step 4

For sign: Ice graham cracker rectangle. When dry, print tip 2 message.

Step 5

For silo: Stack cookies (with icing in between) on a cake circle cut to fit until approximately 6 1/2 in. high. Ice sides smooth and mound icing on top to build up dimension.

Step 6

For barn: Attach a cake board cut to fit to bottom of cake with icing. Ice 3 1/4 in. square door and 1-1/2 in. square window brown.

Step 7

Cover sides of barn and silo with tip 45 smooth stripe "wood" slats. Pipe tip 46 smooth stripe window and door frame and band around silo. Attach graham cracker squares to door with icing. Cover with tip 46 vertical stripes.

Step 8

Overpipe frames and diagonal slats. Upright cake and position silo on grass. Cover roofs with tip 48 rows of ribbed stripes (work bottom rows first). Pipe tip 2B eaves on barn.

Step 9

Edge and pipe random clumps of tip 233 pull-out grass. Add tip 233 pull-out straw. Push sign into cake. Attach animals to barn, silo and grass areas with dots of icing.