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Little Lullabies Candy


Step 1

For bassinet hood, mix 1/2 teaspoon of Gum-Tex™ with 1/4 package of fondant. Dust pan with cornstarch. Roll out and mold mixture into Mini Egg Pan. Cut 1/3 off oval bottom and let remainder dry in pan.

Step 2

For bassinet bottom, pour melted candy 1/4 in. thick into circle cutter over waxed paper. Let set.

Step 3

For stand: Make candy shell in baking cup. Remove from freezer after 2nd coating and add one layer of each flavor candy creme centers. Seal top of shell with melted candy and freeze until set. Unmold.

Step 4

Tint small balls of fondant brown and pink or blue. Roll white oval body and shape small white ball into pillow. Roll brown ball for head and attach to pillow with water. Position pillow and body on bassinet bottom. Cut pink or blue blanket with circle cutter. Fold under 1/2 in. at top and position; ruffle edges with fingers. Paint facial features with black color diluted with water. Mold blue or pink fondant bow using Baby Accents Mold. Pipe bead border around hood using melted candy in cut bag; attach bow with melted candy. Attach candy stand, upside down, to bassinet bottom with melted candy; attach hood.