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The message is clear on this charming cake. Creatively decorated with heart cookies and Two Rings Topper, this cake is a heart-felt addition to a shower celebration.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

In advance: Prepare dough and roll out. Cut cookies using Nesting Cutters (2 each of smallest and 3rd largest, 1 each all other sizes). Bake and cool. Outline and fill in using tip 3 and Color Flow Icing. Let dry 48 hours.

Step 2

Spatula ice 2-layer cake. Pipe tip 18 shell bottom border. Attach lollipop sticks to back of cookies using melted candy. For cookies on cake sides, cut sticks to 2 1/2 in. and attach to back of cookie at a 90º angle. Write message with FoodWriter™ marker.

Step 3

At reception: Position cake on stand. Position topper and insert cookies, trimming sticks as needed.

Combine Violet with Rose for violet shown.

Always place a separator plate, or cake board cut to fit, on the cake where you position any figurine or topper. This protects both the cake and your keepsake. For extra stability, secure topper to the plate with double-stick craft tape.