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Like a Duck To Water Candy

Use a candy-clay rim and candy-clay ball feet to turn a candy-coated Mini Egg Pan cake into a bathtub. Make the scene even sweeter with a duck formed in our Rubber Ducky Candy Mold.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Tint piping gel blue and pipe in cut bag on cake top for water. Position candy.

Step 2

Several days in advance, using 1 recipe candy clay, roll four marble-size balls for tub feet; let dry. Store leftover clay in cool, dry place. Add a small amount of melted white candy to yellow; mold ducks using painting method.

Step 3

Cover rounded side of egg cakes with melted white candy; refrigerate to set. Attach feet to egg cakes with candy. Ice cake top smooth. Roll an 11 in. string of reserved candy clay and position around top edge of cake for rim of tub.