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Leprechaun Lids! Candy

Get ready for the wearing’ of the green! Leprechaun Lids are a great way to top off your St. Patrick's Day dinner. They’re candy cups with a Peanut Butter Filling and fondant trims.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Mold cordial cups following mold package directions; refrigerate until firm. Fill cups with Peanut Butter Filling; seal top with melted candy. Refrigerate until firm; unmold.

Step 2

For hat brims, trace 2 in. circles on waxed paper-covered board. Pipe in circles with melted candy; refrigerate until firm.

Step 3

Remove waxed paper from circles and attach to cups with melted candy.

Step 4

Tint a 1 1/2 in. ball of fondant black and a 1/2 in. ball yellow; roll out 1/8 in. thick. for hat band, cut 5 x 3/16 in. strips in black; attach with damp brush.

Step 5

For buckle, cut out 1/4 in. squares in yellow. Cut out a small square from center with knife; attach with damp brush.

**Combine Lemon Yellow with a little Golden Yellow for yellow shown.