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Lemon Mousse Ducky

Wilton shaped pans can also be used to shape other fun desserts and side dishes. Here we’ve made a 3-D Lemon Mousse Ducky that would be perfect for a baby shower.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Prepare Icing
Refrigerate tinted icings in covered containers until ready to use.

Make 1 cup buttercream icing:
Tint 1/4 cup blue
Tint 1/4 cup orange
Reserve 1/2 cup white

Step 2

Make Lemon Mousse Recipe and unmold on serving platter.

1 large (6 oz.) or 2 small (3 oz.) packages of lemon gelatin
8 oz. frozen whipped topping (thawed)
Prepare gelatin according to package directions. When set, use mixer to blend gelatin with whipped topping. Place in top half of pan that has been sprayed with vegetable pan spray. Let chill in refrigerator until firm.

Step 3

Decorate in Order

Use tip 4 and white whipped topping to pipe whites of eyes.

Step 4

Use tip 4 and blue whipped topping to pipe pupils.

Step 5

Use tip 12 and white whipped topping to pipe ball soap bubbles.