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Lattice Gingerbread House

Such simply and charming beauty in this cottage decorated with icing lattice and snowflakes. Rooftop is lined with gum drops and a colorful pathway is trimmed with mini multi-colored candies.


Difficulty: Medium



1 gingerbread house.



Step 1

Divide prepared decorating icing in half, use half for decorating the house, the other half for adding "snow" around house (keep remaining half covered with a damp cloth).

Step 2

Fill decorating bag with icing.

Step 3

Create windows and doors with outlines. Decorate window frames with dots to create a scalloped look. Decorate dot for doorknob. Cut spice drops in half and attach to door frame with icing; cut spice drop pieces and attach for door window and loft window with icing.

Step 4

Make flowers on front and side of house by decorating five-bead petals with a dot center.

Step 5

Decorate roof with lattice. Decorate a dot in each lattice opening. Decorate roof peak, eaves and seams of house with zigzags. Attach spice drops on roof peak. Attach mini fruit-flavored candies to eaves with icing.

Step 6

Using a spatula, ice snow on base fluffy. Cut jelly rings in half and position around the base of house. Attach mini fruit-flavored candies with icing to line walkway.

NOTE: Additional candy may be required.