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Lady Liberty Cake

Patriotic Lady Liberty cake pays tribute to the world’s most famous New Yorker! A color flow statue stands in front of royal icing fireworks while molded candy boats cruise around her cake-on-cake pedestal and star-shaped island.


Difficulty: Difficult


Step 1

At least 72 hours in advance: Make color flow statue using pattern. Tint portions of color flow green (combine Teal with a little Kelly Green) and yellow. Using full-strength color flow and waxed paper-covered pattern, outline body, folds of gown, torch and flame with tip 2. Flow in with thinned color flow in cut parchment bag. Let dry 48 hours. Attach lollipop stick to back using full-strength color flow; let dry. Pipe tip 1s dot and string facial features using full-strength color flow; let dry.

Step 2

Make starburst. Using royal icing on waxed paper-covered board, pipe approximately 200 tip 14 stars each in red and blue; let dry. Using royal icing, attach stars to florist wire, about 1 in. apart. Cut 2 lollipop sticks to 4 in; tape a group of 10 wires to each stick to make starburst sprays.

Step 3

Make candy. Tint portion of melted candy blue, red, yellow and green using candy colors. Mold candy boats using painting method. On waxed paper, pipe a 1 in. diameter circle stand for each boat, using white candy in cut parchment bag; refrigerate until firm. Attach ships to stands with melted candy; let set.

Step 4

Prepare base board. Wrap double-thick cake board with foil. Cut loaf cake vertically in half and stack for pedestal. Prepare star cake and pedestal cake for stacked construction. Ice cakes smooth in gray.

Step 5

On pedestal, pipe a tip 2A band at top border and a double-high tip 2A band at bottom border; overpipe lowest band for dimension. Divide sides into 5ths, marking divisions between top and bottom border. Pipe tip 3 vertical lines at division marks and horizontal lines at edges of top and bottom bands. Pipe tip 2 outline windows and tip 3 outline door. Add tip 3 brick lines on upper tip 2A band at bottom border. Pipe tip 3 vertical lines at edge of top border.

Step 6

Pipe in tip 3 heavy line bricks at corners of pedestal. Pipe tip 3 bead top and bottom borders on star cake. Pipe tip 21 rosette candleholders; insert candles. Position cakes on base board. Cut two 4 in. lengths of plastic dowel rod; insert in star cake behind pedestal. Insert starburst wires in dowel rods. Insert statue in pedestal. Tint piping gel blue and cover base board. Position boats.

*Combine Teal with a little Kelly Green for green used on statue.