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Join The Haunt! Mini Cakes

Let a variety of creatures Join the Haunt this Halloween! One sheet cake can be cut into different designs using shaped cookie cutters. Quick Pour Fondant Icing will cover even irregular shapes like these with ease!


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Bake and cool 1 in. high sheet cake and unmold. Use second smallest ghost and pumpkin cutters and round cutter to cut cake shapes.

Step 2

Ice cakes using quick pour fondant icing.

Step 3

For spider web, let black icing set for a few minutes; pipe white circles and immediately draw icing toward edge with toothpick to form web. Let all cakes set.

Step 4

Attach spider icing decoration to webs with quick pour fondant icing. Pipe orange lines and stem on pumpkin; immediately attach orange and green sugars.

Step 5

Pipe black facial features on pumpkin and ghost.