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Jeweled Mini Egg Cakes

Definitely a treat you’ll want the Easter bunny to leave in your basket this year. The egg-shaped cakes are easy to make and decorate with our Egg Comfort Grip™ Cutter, Wilton Candy Melts® and Pearlized Sprinkles.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Bake cake in sheet pan.

Step 2

Use egg cookie cutter to cut egg-shaped mini cakes.

Step 3

Place cakes on cooling grid positioned over sheet pan.

Step 4

Cover cakes with white melted candy; tap on counter to completely cover cakes and remove bubbles; let set.

Step 5

Use melted candy in cut parchment bags to decorate eggs.

Step 6

Embellish eggs with pearls, attaching with dots of melted candy.